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Residents are currently highly discouraged from leaving the building. We are working with them to meet any immediate needs/wants they may have. We do not want them to leave to purchase things independently this puts everyone at Andrew at greater risk. Each day we go without a positive test for Covid 19 better enables us to keep residents and staff safe. Friends and family members may drop off items in our entry way and we will get it to residents. Letters and phone calls are most welcome. We are coordinating phone communication with physicians and psychiatric service providers.

Covid 19 Update
We continue to be in communication with the Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and numerous other health care and emergency preparedness entities.  While there is a lot to say about the nature of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, we want to communicate to you what we are doing at Andrew.

We are attempting to plan and adjust based on available information for both the short term and the long term. This will mean we will all have to adjust to changing circumstances and system modifications. We are monitoring both the Center for Disease Control and MN Department of Health information systems daily. We have had conference calls with both the Regulatory and Infection Prevention Specialists with the MN Department of Health. Friday they stated “ You have a very good plan, that is thoughtful with good work flows, a solid start.” We are proud of all the staff members who continue to provide the care and support that enables us to take care of vulnerable people daily. There are and will continue to be small acts of kindness and heroism that inspire us as we move forward. We are appreciative of all the contributions being made

  • We are currently restricting all non-essential visitors and encouraging phone calls or other forms of communication.
  • All routeen appointments have been cancelled for residents.
  • We are doing symptom screening for all essential visitors and employees.

Residents were provided  information about illness prevention and preparedness activities like:

Watching an educational video about the Coronavirus.

  • Practicing hand washing and  hygiene with the Glow-lotion and black-light kit. There are some residents who are naturally really good hand washers!
  • Talking about and demonstrating  ‘Social Distancing’, that is, the practice of keeping a safe distance from others to avoid illness transmission when in a group setting.
    Our staff reviewed  and continue to develop even better infection control practices.
  • Covering one's cough, as we say- “Cough Sneeze/Elbow Please".
  • Washing your hands for 20 seconds (Try singing the Happy Birthday song.)
  • All  resident groups now start with a hand sanitizer being passed around.
  • At all medication passing times hand sanitizer is at the med table for residents to use.
  • Identifying strategies for implementing practices for social distancing in lines for times like medication administration, meal service, banking hours, etc.
  • Being mindful about avoiding touching your face; tips to help stop touching your face.
  • Our Housekeeping department has implemented a two-step, deep cleaning and disinfection process for ‘high touch surfaces’ (hand rails, elevator buttons, etc.).
  • Identifying strategies for providing Nicotine Replacement for residents on illness restriction, so residents are less likely to smoke cigarettes in groups.


About Andrew Residence

Joint Commission ApprovalAndrew Residence was established in 1973 and since then has become one of our state's leading providers of residential mental health care. We offer comprehensive long-term care, treatment, and rehabilitation services for adults experiencing mental illness and have helped thousands of residents over the last forty years. Contributing to our success are many factors, such as:

1- Our progressive care philosophy helps persons with mental illness realize their maximum potential by attaining a high degree of personal independence.

2- We are unique in combining elements of both psychiatric rehabilitation and comprehensive nursing care, in an environment that seeks to meet both the physical and mental health needs of persons with a mental illness.

3- Our management philosophy encourages open communications, contributions, and participation from all members of staff.

4- Our people are some of the most well qualified and dedicated professionals in the industry. They are also caring people with strong technical and people skills.

5- Andrew Residence is a place where residents and staff can develop to their utmost potential. And, Andrew Residence is the place you choose when you want to make a difference and reach your goals.

What People Are Saying About Andrew Residence

"Andrew Residence is such a friendly place. I give very high grades to the staff. They are competent and caring." - Family Member

"I feel Andrew Residence is a very unique facility and provides unique services to a unique population. I am proud to be of service at Andrew Residence. The residents mean a lot to me and in countless ways they let me know I am valued." - Staff Member

"I feel the whole program is good and the staff is really professional." - An Andrew Resident

A Message From Our Administrator

Karen FoyAndrew Residence opened our doors in 1973 with the hope of enhancing the lives of persons with mental illness. Since then our mission of providing high quality rehabilitation services to persons with severe, persistent mental illness has been achieved. We are proud to be a leading provider of comprehensive residential mental health services in Minnesota. Thousands of resident’s lives have been improved through their involvement with Andrew Residence.

At Andrew Residence we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our residents with compassionate, respectful care. We help our residents realize their strengths and attain the highest degree of independence. I am proud of our dedicated team of staff throughout all departments who help our residents live their lives to the fullest.

We feel we are making a difference in the world. We welcome you to join us – as a resident, a family member or a staff member. I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have about Andrew Residence.

Best regards,
Karen Foy
Andrew Web Address
Andrew Residence
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