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Our services focus on enhancing lives by identifying barriers and building bridges to greater independence with compassionate psychiatric rehabilitation and nursing services.

Our interdisciplinary team includes: A Medical Director (Board Certified Psychiatrist), Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Educators, Master Level Social Workers, Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, Living Skills Instructors, Mental Health Workers and Vocational Specialists. The team also includes a number of support staff in Housekeeping, Laundry, Food Service, Financial and other Administrative roles.

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Nursing & Health Education – A team of nurses provide 24-hour nursing services for residents with acute or chronic physical health problems. Our Health Education team promotes healthful living with information and support on a range of health topics including diet, nutrition, exercise, and the role of medications in maintaining health.

Fitness/Exercise -We offer quality one-on-one and small-group exercise training to help individuals achieve a health lifestyle. Our fitness center features the latest, most sophisticated resistance fitness equipment, including recumbent bikes and HUR resistance strength training equipment.

Therapeutic Recreation – Using one's leisure time comes easily to some, for a person with a mental illness this may be a challenge. Camping, softball, and art are just a few of the opportunities that are available in a comprehensive therapeutic recreation program.

Music Therapy - In collaboration with MacPhail Center for Music we provide a range of music therapy programming including, "Voices Heard” community choir which is open to all residents regardless of previous choir of musical experience; a young residents group to create music; the musicians corner of experienced musicians to create a band or music jam group; and the “Steady Beatz” group which will make music using non-traditional and everyday items. Music therapy provides an opportunity for emotional expression, helps develop coping mechanisms, and provides an opportunity for increased awareness, community engagement and musical self-expression.

Vocational Training and Employment – Our Vocational Program to provides work skill development and employment opportunities. Paid in house employment positions are available to participating residents in housekeeping, dietary, phone reception and other areas.

Chemical Health – We assist our residents in maintaining sobriety and preventing relapse into drug and alcohol use.

Family Program – Winter, spring, summer and fall our family dinners provide special meals for family and friends. We also support families with information, educational ongoing opportunities to meet and learn from other families of persons with a mental illness. Families are welcomed and encouraged to visit as well as be a part of our treatment team, with the resident's permission.

Independent Living Skills – We work to maximize independence with a wide range of skills including doing your own laundry, learning to ride the metro bus system and cooking for beginners.

Interpersonal Skills – How do I strike up a conversation, make friends, manage anger, or improve etiquette? These are just a few of the interpersonal offerings of our team of Social Workers provide to help develop and refine interpersonal relationship skills.

Crisis Services – At times a crisis occurs in everyone's life. Andrew Residence has experience and expertise in managing mental health crises. Our goal is to prevent a crisis but when a crisis develops we assist the individual in resolving the crisis using an array of resources.

Food/Nutritional Services - Our residents enjoy cafeteria style meal service in our spacious Dining Room, allowing our residents to make independent meal choices. Each resident has regular, ongoing Nutritional Assessments and special diets are offered as needed. (e.g. low fat, low sodium, no concentrated sweets).

Andrew Residence is proud of our Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement program. All Andrew stakeholders (residents, families, staff, service providers, etc.) are welcome to identify opportunities for improvement - just talk to a staff person.   Learn more when you come to visit! 


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